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9c Strength Test Calculator
The 9c Strength Test was developed by Stian Christopherson and Martin Mobråten. Check out the 9c Test with the developers and Magnus Midtbø. When you take the 9c Test, the app calculates your bodyweight percentages, adds up your points, and gives you your rating in the V-scale and Fontainebleau grades. Use with the included HangTimer™ for solo tests.

The exclusive HangTimer™ is a countdown-stopwatch with a selectable starting count so you can get into position to time your hangs. Use it for your 20mm Hangs, Front Levers, and Deadhangs. Counts down from the starting countdown to zero with competition-style 3-2-1 beeps, then counts up like a regular stopwatch and beeps at selectable intervals. Easy way to time your solo efforts. Times up to 10 minutes.

V-Tally™ is a simple scorecard app that lets you tally your sends each session.

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